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Please give me a minute to explain what it is.
Let’s start with a reminder about who you are and what you do.
You need to learn the Rules to the Music Game
There’s a lot of miss information, out there, and it can be very confusing. Many times the information overload and false product or service claims actually keeps you from success or points you directly in the opposite direction! Don't worry!

If you’ve been concerned in the past that you just can’t become successful and get your music out to the right people and the right amount of people, and actually make money of your music, I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this. You just need the right person to explain it to you. Because it works different than most people want you to think.

The Labels want you to think you need a lot of money or some fancy business degree to be successful. I’m here to tell you they’re wrong. They have their own reasons for wanting you to think that, but it’s most definitely not true.

They won’t teach you how to do things on your own to be independent…! This leaves most artists in an extremely uncomfortable situation… Because you only get a decent label deal or somebody who put you on if you already have a buzz – But you don’t know exactly what to do to create that buzz! 

So the difference with us is that we actually care about your success and truly want to empower you to achieve your goals. And we are not a charity or anything in that matter but we actually can only grow as our clients become more successful so we will do our best to make you successful! We came a long way and seen so much frustration in this music business that we really want to be able to make a change in as many artists lives as possible!
Why I am able to help you
I actually have a business backround while studiying business administration I founded my first company. And this is how my journey began. I left college to be an full time entrepreneur. I had a lot of ups and downs and can share a lot of high value insights with you. With my Headwear Brand "Tha Plug" I was able to work with some of the most known rap artists, DJ's and Producers. And don't forget I did all that from overseas. Just because of the marketing and business know how I have, it was managable to get the elite of the music scene to wear our brand.
And that's how the journey into the Music scene started
But this was just the start we managed to meet a variety of people and could learn and observe a lot. And the funny thing was, the problems are always the same. In every business it can be the music business or the clothing business you face the same challenges! How to get your product out to the right people? How you get your product out to a lot of people who then become fans of you? Who can you trust and who will take advantage of you? Who will deliver the results promised and so on?
So I've seen the struggle first hand but also had the chance to network with the most successful and the rules they aplly are so obvious! 
So, I know that there is a lot of struggle out there becoming the next big star! So let me give you the most important thing straight from the get go!

No matter what game you play if its monopoly, chess or the game of life! You have to know the rules in order to be successful, alright? 
Like Who would go to a chess tournament without knowing how to play the game? Especially if your live depends on it. Cause this is what it is, if you really want to become a superstar – this is your freaking live. So if you would go to a chess tournament without knowing the rules everybody would say this is stupid and doesn’t make no damn sense, right? So let me ask you this… Why do so many upcoming artists have the feeling that they can just enter the music industry without knowing the rules that apply to the music game? Isn’t that crazy? 

Exactly, you think about it that way it sounds crazy right? The music industry is a business and I know some of you have already learned that the hardway. So the industry has two sides: The Consumer side and the business side…. And like in every business the consumer only sees a small portion, a fraction of what’s really going on.. They see the packaging and the end product…. Since you are a musician, you are in the music business and no more only a consumer. So you need to understand the side of the business – you are a brand! You need to know how to move and when to move and also what moves can be fatal to you career….

You can simply not conquer a game and only have a slight idea on how it works! And don’t get me wrong because this is nothing you could have learned in school or through friends unless you have successful friends in the game. But it simply doesn’t make no sense to think you can take over a game without knowing how it works…

We want you to win.

And we want you to look back at today as the day you “cracked” the code to the music industry.

Now in order for you to crack this code, you need to master the rules of the Music Industry. You need to understand how to promote yourself, how to get heard, how to manage yourself and much more! You need to learn the rules to the music game.

Without that, you will fail!
The fundamentals are needed.

The fact is most musicians take 10 years before they figure things out.

This means that if you started at 18, you wouldn’t have a grip on what you want to do until you are 28 years old.

Now imagine if you could shave years off this time frame.

Think of what this would mean for your life and your music career.

You’d be able to get to where you want to go, faster and easier.

But still no matter what you do, the most important thing is that you start doing - take action!

Napoleon Hill The #1 Success Trainer was ordered by Andrew Carnegie the Billionair and second richest men in history to date. He order Napoleon to go and interview the most successful people in the world for 20 years. And after those 20 years of studiying the most successfull men in history that's what he said about timing:
The question now is... how?
The answer to this question... and so much more can all be found in our program called Ultimate Artist Shortcuts.

Ultimate Artist Shortcuts is an easy to understand online program that is compatible with every device, that walk you through the foundational components of the music business and much more.

Understanding these foundational components will help you avoid the mistake of building what makes you unhappy.
For Only $247
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If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
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This is a timely limited opportunity we making available, just for you, because you took action downloading the Rap Superstar Report.

Here is a preview of the 7 fundamentals you will discover in The Utlimate Shortcuts Program:

Modul 1: What it Takes to Become the Next Superstar that Everybody Talks About:
The first Modul is about the inner game: How you get the mindset that allows you to win! 
It doesn’t matter how hard we try if our brain is not wired to succeed we simply won’t succeed. In this module you will learn to rewire your brain and connect the right dots – so that there won’t be anything between you and your goals.
Modul 2: How to promote yourself and your music to get Maximum Exposure:
How To Promote Your Music and Get Maximum Exposure, what Channels are out there? How to use these channels? How to get your music on platforms that will display your music to Millions of people where you can get a couple of hundred thousand of views…. And how to do that for free!
Modul 3: How to build a Fanbase:
The Third Modul is about how to build your fanbase! There are many ways to build a fanbase and for some the one works better than the other, so in this module you’ll learn a universal way to create a fanbase! This actually works so good that the same formula get’s used in almost every industry from fitness to acting, from fortune 500 companies to startups. This formula will help you to create and engage your 100 raving fans and help you to build a reputation that adore and make you the number one topic in their daily conversations.
Modul 4: What Ways do Exist to get Paid Instantly:
This will show you how you’ll get bookings even without a big following. And one of the things you will learn in particular is how you can become the open up act for big artists – and guess what instead of paying 10,000 - we show you how you get paid doing it! So matter fact you present your music to a new crowd that is there for the Big artists, you get paid and you can present yourself to his fans. This is a win win win situation!
Modul 5: How to Distribute your Music, to Make it Available Everywhere:
How To Disitribute You Music and Make It Available Everywhere! This will ensure you more fans but also help you to get on the map so that everybody find you and we’ll show you what to do to attract the right people.
Modul 6: How to get a Manager that Steps up Your Game Instantly:
How to get the manager who will really step your game up and what criterias are crucial but also some of the key components that you need to watch out for in the contract
Modul 7: How to get the Deal of your Dreams:
How Get the Deal of your Dreams. Here You’ll learn about the different types of deals that are out there and how you can position yourself and how to know whether the deal is right or not.
It’s your call.
Make your decision by clicking the button below.
60 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
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You will be able to do a lot of things:
- Build Your Fanbase Step by Step…
- Create professional Social Media Campaigns…
- Learn about all possible ways to promote your Music…
- Build Lists of Influencers…
- Protect Your Music…
- Own All The Rights To Your Music…
- Get Paid for Your Music…
- Network Like A Pro…
- Maximum Availability For Your Music…
- And So Much More...

You will be able to get rid of a lot of stuff:
- You won't take career killing advice no more
- You will stop losing energy on zero result bringing activities
- You will stop losing money on zero result bringing investments
- You won't get into scam, because you know the signs
- You won't get into any bad deals, because you know what to look out for
- You won't lose time on second thoughts, because you know what's right
- You won't spend money on bad promotion that doesn't help your career
- You'll identify the bad habits that's holding you back from success
- And So Much More…

Stay Strong
P.S. If it were not for learning the rules to my business, it would’ve taken me several more years to be where I am today.

If there was someone who did offer me what I’m presenting you today for our business, We would’ve gotten to where we are right now way faster.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need to learn the rules.

60 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
Secure Order Form - 100% Protected & Safe
Phil Jackson made Michael Jordan practice dribbling, even when Jordan was an NBA all star. You are never too experienced to learn.

The strong fundament and steady practice is the way to success.

The Ultimate Artist Shortcuts reveals 7 eternal fundamentals of the business. Once you learn these, you’ll have the code knowledge you need for your future.

You’ll be glad you did.
P.P.P.S. For whatever reason you’re not satisfied with The Ultimate Artist Shortcuts , I’ll return 100% of your investment.
60 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
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