Are You Just Another
Broke Rapper?
Are You Just Another Broke Rapper?
Here is my proven formula for making money
off your music FAST (only $77)...
Here is my proven formula for making money
off your music FAST (only $77)...
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I’m Cyril Obeng aka Numberz, and I help artists get the money, fame and respect they deserve.

Here I am with some of the biggest names in the rap game...

YFN Lucci
Jim Jones
Instant Rap Money is my blueprint to help you make money from your music, NOW. 

Not in a year, or 5 years when you have a huge fanbase...

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Here are just a few of the secrets I reveal inside…
  •  How to quickly make money from the music you’ve already produced. 
  •  A psychological “hack” that up your chance of getting bookings 100X. 
  • Why big companies will pay you serious money to use your music. 
  •  One must-have marketing asset you must have to be seen as a pro.
  •  How to claim ownership of your music and “rent it out” for $$$.
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There’s nothing worse than spending months doing promo, posting on socials, trying to connect with influencers and still not make a dime.

Which is why I created Instant Rap Money, the blueprint for quick, actionable tips you can use to turn your music and talent into real cash - fast. 

  •  Spending years building a fan base 
  •  Humiliating open mic sessions to tiny crowds
  •  Getting “put on” by a famous rapper
  •  Sending hundreds of messages and emails
  •  Paying for promo that doesn’t even work
  •  Soulless “networking” in the industry
This is your start of becoming a successful independent rapper, because when you’re making money, you have the power.
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100% no-questions asked refund policy.
If you don’t like the training, you can keep it AND get a full refund.
To your success,
Cyril aka Numberz.

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